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    Michael Low

    I am looking to buy a Martin Ditcher and Grader this fall.

    Will buy from anywhere East of the Mississippi and maybe beyond.

    I have been in contact with Tiller’s International and Dick Roosenburg as they use them and have two old ones on their farm.
    I also have dug up the catalog from 1920 (the photo is the front cover).
    Apart from these leads I don’t have much to go on…
    BW MacNairs doesn’t know anything about them.
    They had wharehouses in MO, Mich., Texas, NY, PA and Iowa. The company manufactured and was based in Owensboro Kentucky.
    Have you seen one? Have one for sale?
    Please contact:
    Michael Low
    Thank you.

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    Michael Low

    Wanted: to buy Martin Ditcher

    Please contact
    Michael Low


    Michael Low

    For some reason when I did the original post it never came through.

    I notice that Donn’s ode to George is also not coming up with any content

    Photo of Martin Ditcher

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    I have been having trouble viewing posts too. Someone should contact Gabe


    daniel grover

    Hi everyone,

    I’m getting in touch with Gabe this morning and will work this out soon! Thanks for the heads up..


    Mark Cowdrey

    Hi Michael,
    Any photos of the rig from other angles? What do you plan to use it for?



    Very neat tool Michael. What will you use it for, specifically?


    Michael Low


    Yes I do have more pictures, in fact I got a catalog from the company circa 1910. This has great letters from users and many more pics. Will post when I have some free time.

    I plan to use this tool for road maintenance, plowing snow, and mostly for digging swales into some hill pastures for better water retention.

    I know it’s the company catalog but the tool sounds amazing, and there is some modern corroboration on that fact from Tiller’s international. I don’t know why it was lost to history but I plan to resurrect it here anyway.

    I plan to get copies of the catalog for Tiller’s and Pioneer equipment I will post when I do that, if anyone wants a copy at that point I’ll charge cost + shipping, whatever that runs to.

    I did also see more catalogs on E-bay if people can navigate that online bidding.

    Michael Low

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